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Carriage Service

Our carriage service leverages Xperi’s local and national listings data to track scheduled broadcasts of programs and series on each every public television outlet in the US. This is the information marketers and underwriters need to be assured of their decisions to support the program.

Updated daily, Carriage Reports include the percent coverage of the US as well as the date and time stations are carrying the show in question. Your subscription includes online access to graphical summary reports, lists of stations that have yet to air a program/series and data on stations that have picked up and/or dropped a program. The service also includes access to station-specific daily and/or weekly schedules. All the reports can be exported to Excel.

Performance and Projection Reports

Our Program Performance and Projection Reports summarize public television viewing of your program/series. Our reporting reflects carriage across all stations including CREATE, WORLD, PBS KIDS and other statewide, regional and locally-scheduled subchannels. Leveraging an affordable subset of Nielsen audience data, TRAC estimates national average audience (Nielsen household ratings), Gross Impressions across the total number of airdates (from our Carriage Service) and how a variety of Nielsen demographic subsets engaged with the program. For those sharing this information with sponsors and stakeholders, Performance Reports include ‘costs per mille’ or CPM which effectively translates to the cost per thousand impressions in any one demographic or across the entire audience.

Listings Online

Producers can help their viewers find local telecasts of a program by using this website tool. This service allows visitors to your program’s website to type in a zip code to find information on when a particular show will air in their area. Data provided will cover two weeks of advance schedule information.

Ratings for Producers and Distributors

Of course TRAC provides numbers, but it’s providing the meaning behind the numbers that makes our service stand out. When you have a question, no matter how big or small, we can answer it. Whether you are seeking to understand Nielsen ratings jargon, learn about how public television stations schedule programs and series or want to dig deep into audience viewing of your or a peer’s program/series, we can run the number for you.

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