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As the industry moves to impressions as a metric to measure digital, social, and broadcast audiences, it is important that public media stations do the same. A shared standard of this metric allows stations to learn from each other, experiment with ways to increase impressions, and design initiatives with measurable outcomes.  The total of such impressions across all platforms are Gross Impressions (GrImps), which are already replacing Gross Ratings Points (GRP's).

TRAC Impressions reports track linear broadcast ratings of your main channel, and sub-channels (World, Create, PBS Kids) as well as your station's website visitors and users across your social media platforms in addition to YouTube, the PBS app, and FM Radio audiences.

With a new shared standard, TRAC provides the expertise and tools to assist stations with cross-market comparisons and research experience that helps public media stations successfully transition into the new age of impressions and GrImps.  

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Benefits of TRAC Impressions

  • Gauge the impact of all platforms

  • Align resources with tangible outcomes

  • Set & use gross impressions goals

  • Measure progress alongside peers

  • Support impression-based fundraising

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With an Impressions database and easy-to-access detailed reporting, TRAC provides beneficial analysis with downloadable reports through a dedicated website.  Online, on-demand access includes graphical summary reports ready to present, that are easy to export to PDF or Excel.

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