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Passport ratings bring TRAC’s unique view of public television audiences to the streaming environment. Passport viewing statistics are tracked monthly, and benchmarked to broadcast audiences, and peer stations. Metrics such as cumes, gross rating points, and impressions are applied to streaming audiences so that success can be evaluated and improvements can be made to Passport promotion and content. Long-term trends provide a historical view and paywall analyses show which programs are most effective at generating members.
As streaming usage increases, Passport Ratings enable stations to better understand their active members’ streaming preferences and tailor donor engagement.
TRAC tracks streaming so you understand how your members stream, and to compare stations throughout the system.
From dayparts to binge-viewing, local & national programs will be contrasted with their broadcast performance to gauge how they measure system-wide.
From monthly reporting to quarterly newsletters, webinars, and conference presentations, TRAC will help you focus internal staff and external member messaging.
Passport Ratings leverage proprietary Gross Rating Point formulas alongside your DOMO data to provide Total Station Views across broadcast and Passport.
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