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Business Consultant


TRAC Media Services is the nation's leading public television consulting firm. Founded in 1979, TRAC has set the standard for objective and insightful consulting to stations, producers, distributors and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. We conduct surveys, track audience Nielsen ratings and metrics, analyze pledge audiences, monitor scheduling trends and help stations maximize their program schedules. Our goal is to aid public media outlets and their managers to best serve their local market.
Craig Reed photo circle.jpg
Craig Reed, M.S. 

(Bowling Green State University)

Executive Director

At TRAC, Craig conducts ongoing audience and pledge research, and manages day-to-day operations at TRAC’s offices in Tucson. Craig has worked in the field of communications research since 1985. His work experience includes audience analysis at PBS, people-meter research at Nielsen, and membership modeling at Target Analysis. Craig has also worked at the National Geographic Society and

Kristen Kuebler, PhD 

(Oxford University) 

Director of Client Services

As Director of Client Services, Dr. Kuebler has been responsible for analyzing ratings, pledge, and carriage data for more than 20 years and provides programming advice to PTV stations. Kristen has also worked on many of TRAC’s national research projects on viewing and pledge (i.e., CPB/TRAC Media Ethnic Philanthropy Study, CPB/TRAC Media Ethnic Viewing Studies, Lapsed Member Research, etc.). Kristen has conducted qualitative research for public television stations around the country, particularly in-depth laddering interviews with members and core viewer panels.

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Nicola Freegard


Director of Business Development

Following 25 years in film and television production and business development, Nicky has produced conferences, meetings, and special events for TRAC and PTPA since 2014.  For the past ten years, she has also provided business management and consultancy services, including marketing management, design, and business development to large and small creative institutions, businesses, and artists, before joining TRAC Media full-time in 2022.

kelly luoma.jpg
Kelly Luoma



Kelly began working with TRAC Media in 2004 after moving from New England to sunny California. Leaving behind years of successfully programing New Hampshire PBS and Vermont PBS. While working directly in those amazing station had the ability to work in all facets of Public Media from Operations, Engagement, Production, Communications, RTL, Education and of course Programming. She never found the time to tackle Engineering. She has served on many national committees including the PBS Programming Advisory Group, the PBS Communications Advisory Committee, participated in CPB Community Engagement Initiative. She is a past president of the Public Television Programmer’s Association and recipient of the Programmer of the Year Award. She has 35 years of experience and looks forward to helping cultivate and support the next generation of leaders in this amazing field of work.


David LeRoy, PhD 



Dr. David LeRoy received his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin in 1969. He taught at Wisconsin, Florida State University and the University of Houston. Dr. LeRoy's research interests are in empirical analysis of audience behavior and donative behavior. He has published a number of books, academically oriented research articles and numerous research reports for clients and national associations.

Judith Le Roy Image.jpg
Judith LeRoy, PhD



Dr. Judith M. LeRoy received her doctorate in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin in 1972. She worked at Time Warner Cable in Houston and also managed a Pacifica radio station and taught at Florida International University before founding PMN TRAC (now TRAC Media Services) in 1979. Dr. LeRoy has published extensively in the area of audience research.

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