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TRAC Impressions Reporting Launches Spring 2023

Capable of measuring digital, social, and broadcast audiences based on impressions, while providing the broadest possible metric for any piece of owned, earned, or paid media’s performance,

TRAC Impressions is the latest subscription service that provides stations with a method to measure all their digital and linear platforms to reflect the metric of impressions.

Offering the opportunity for stations to share a common metric that provides insights into ways to increase impressions and design initiatives with measurable outcomes, these impressions, known as Gross Impressions (GRIMPS) are replacing Gross Rating Points (GRPs) in station’s research and analysis.

Reports contain linear broadcast ratings of subscribers main channel and sub-channels, as well as stations website visitors, social media platforms such as You-Tube, PBS App and FM radio audiences. MPT Station Manager, Steven Schupak says “With this new shared standard, TRAC will be giving us expertise and tools to assist with cross- market comparisons and helping us transition in to the new age of impressions and GRIMPS.”

Interested in learning more? Please contact Nicky Freegard at

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