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TRAC is the nation's leading public television audience research firm

​​Our mission is to aid public television professionals to best serve their local markets. Over the past 25 years our research, consulting, and information sharing products have given stations the ability to achieve their goals. Today, we offer custom solutions for every client through high quality, standardized and validated research, and processes to improve local audience engagement.


TRAC Media Services is the nation's leading public television research firm. Founded in 1979, TRAC has set the standard for insightful consulting for American public television. We conduct surveys, track audience ratings and metrics, analyze pledge audiences, monitor scheduling trends and help schedule stations. TRAC specializes in supporting stations' program schedules, on-air fundraising efforts, underwriting goals, and Passport strategies among other projects.



We monitor viewing trends for all major public television series, including Masterpiece Theatre, NOVA, The PBS Newshour, American Experience, Great Performances, Antiques Roadshow, Frontline, Secrets of the Dead, This Old House, British comedies, Washington Week and NOW.

TRAC clients include stations in each of the Top 20 public television markets as well as many across the country in mid-sized and smaller markets. Beyond over 100 public television stations and 12 statewide networks, TRAC also support national organizations PBS, American Program Service, NETA, BBC, and Children's Television Workshop among others.

By becoming a TRAC client, you will gain access to our affordable suite of online services.  Our database technology and easy to use client portal website will save time and lower labor costs, helping your station increase efficiency and close more contracts than ever.  We offer a variety of services for Programmers, Producers, Station Managers, Development Directors and Fundraisers. 


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