TRAC has worked in public media since the 1970's, providing objective and insightful audience analysis for public television stations. Our ongoing study of Nielsen ratings, pledge data, online statistics, and qualitative insights from viewers keeps TRAC informed about media trends and new developments. TRAC's knowledge and research help stations to increase their audiences & membership, improve community visibility and support, and provide better public service.

TRAC understands the mission, goals and relationships in public media. We collaborate with stations, producers, and distributors to design research projects and then turn the knowledge gained into actionable information. TRAC has expertise in all aspects of public television programming, viewership, and membership. We connect our clients with the knowledge they need to achieve their goals. TRAC clients include PBS stations, producers, and distributors who want to know more about public media audiences, public media membership and pledge, general media trends and community engagement.

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Local Programming Initiative

TRAC Media proposes to develop a new tool for local success . . . The Local Programming Initiative.

From TRAC’s extensive research on program audiences it was clear that some of the most popular programs were local in origin. Further, there was not one genre of popular local programming but rather a repertoire of different types. Our many studies of public television audiences also demonstrated that the most successful stations in the system tended have very popular local programming.

TRAC’s Local Program Initiative (LPI) emerged as an effort to identify successful local programming that can be replicated at stations across the system. The project is multifaceted in providing audience analysis, benchmarking measures, format analysis and staff training.

More information can be found at the links below.

Project Description and Detailed Deliverables

Paper 1: Local Programs by Design

Paper 2: In Search of Bright Spots

If your station would like to participate in this project please contact Craig Reed (520-545-0908 or craig@tracmedia.com).


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